The tale of the elephant falls

If there was something she believed in, it was magic. The world laughed as she glided on imaginary rainbows, picked a fight with the peevish fireflies and befriended mystical, dreamy unicorns to get through this routine called life. Hogwarts still felt like home, even though her letter was late by 20 years. But it was never too late to be hopeful. She realised that with every fall, there was a higher chance to take flight. Sitting at her office desk, she dived into her make-believe world yet again. Just then, an office boy dropped a letter at her desk. She opened it eagerly to read its contents, only to find her head swimmingin a pool of the mysterious enchantments in the air. No, it wasn’t a letter from Hogwarts. It was the next best thing—her leave had been approved.

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