The tale of the cold coffee @tajlandsend

It was the year 2037. But the view was the same. There she sat by the window, looking into the depths of the deep blue Arabian Sea. A splash here. A wave there. Playful. Inviting. Disturbing. Oh, what a sight, she thought. It wasn’t called Taj Lands End for nothing. The times had changed and so had the choices. Back in 2017, a property with a sea view was a matter of praise and pride. Today, it was a matter of concern. As the sea levels rose, so did the worries. Mankind had been retreating into the hills and high places, hiding from their mistakes from the past. But the oceans were approaching. Engulfing. Intimidating. And there was no running away now. A lot had changed since 2017. Except the sinful taste of this cold coffee. She sipped on it and waited for the tide to turn.

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