The tale of the bread basket @eddiesbistro

She spread the spiced butter generously on the family of breads. Picking up another piece, she coated it unevenly with the soft lard and fed it to her five-year-old son. The butter-soaked-bread melted in his mouth and smeared on his lips as he relished it. As for her, she breathed a sigh of relief. He was a fussy eater but her elder one, she was a disaster. No plate of food—however creatively presented, could impress her. She was timid, chubby, soft-spoken and… lost. Not a minute went by when she thought of her. It all happened so suddenly. They were standing in a queue outside the movie theatre and just for a second she left her hand to scratch her face. She cursed herself as she thought about that second. And just like that, her daughter was gone—evaporated in thin air. They had searched for over a year. Coming back home with the same result. As she fed another piece of bread to her son, she imagined having the piece of her heart by her side. As she sat there, lost in her thoughts, she found a little girl pressed against the glass shopfront. Her nose flattened against the glass while her eyes stayed locked on the bread. She got up and walked upto the little girl and invited her in. The girl was unkempt and hungry. But that didn’t stop her from seating her next to her son. She doused a piece of bread in the melted butter and fed it to her—hoping that someone, somewhere would treat her daughter the same way.

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