The tale of the blueberry cheesecake @indigodelicatessen

Her eyes were jammed on the clock. They followed the second hand as it tick-tocked its way to another hour, unaware of her gaze. She blinked lesser every minute: major credit for which went to her phone—because it didn’t blink at all. And that was the problem. In between longing for messages and hurting to feel important, she decided to give up on life. A tear rolled down her cheek as she procrastinated on this eventuality. In the meanwhile, she thought: I should have a last wish, at least. A burst of rich, fruity, blueberries and creamy cheesecake honoured this wish. Wiping another tear, she looked at the watch again. The time had come. But then, her phone blinked. And secretly, she was glad to lose this staring contest for once—it meant winning back her life.

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