The tale of the banana loaf cake @ohdoughmumbai

The cool breeze ruffled his hair as he sat by the seaside. He looked at her picture staring back at him on his phone. Her golden hair. The sparkle in her eyes. The way she ran alongside him every morning… She was his one true love, always there when he needed her. Her warm cuddles reached his heart. And the day she went missing, she took a part of him with her. Every day he would come to this spot and look for her. And every day he would carry the treats she loved. One amongst those was the spongy banana loaf. As he sat there, waiting for her, he took a piece and shut his eyes, wondering where she was and how she was doing. Until he heard a familiar bark. It had taken her seven days to show up. But these seven days had been the toughest of his life. They bound towards each other and he stroked his golden retriever affectionately. That day her cuddles felt a tad bit warmer while the banana loaf tasted a whole lot sweeter.

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