The tale of the 3 peppercorn chicken @sucasamumbai

She looked at her partner’s tiffin box. There was a piece of juicy chicken swimming in a thick sauce. He saw her stare at his lunch box and as a reflex action, she looked away, embarrassed for staring at his food. “Is this your first day?” He asked. Shyly, she looked at him for the first time and nodded. “Would you like to try some?” He pushed his tiffin in her direction. She smiled a big broad smile and cut a tiny piece of the chicken. The thick sauce oozed as she did so. She took a bite and murmured a quick “thank you”. The memory played in her head vaguely, as she tried to remember his oily hair and the lopsided school tie. Today, as she sat across him, she saw him fidgeting in his seat. He was leaning forward in his chair, waiting to know her answer. She ruffled through a set of papers and said, “Your CV ticks all the boxes for my company. Congratulations and welcome to the team.” He breathed a sigh of relief as she called for the juiciest piece of chicken on the menu. She knew he hadn’t eaten for days. But karma had ensured it was the last day he went hungry.

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