The tale of @brotossf sprouts

The page was as blank as her expression. She looked at it with concentration, trying to force a clever thought to reflect in her words. With no luck. But then, she decided to be herself. And she wrote, “I’ve loved you since we shared that plate of sprouts in school. I would look forward to every lunch break and run to the canteen to stand in line with you. And then you would ask—please can you share this with me? All I would do was smile shyly and nod my head. Little did I know that you would mistake my silence for disinterest.” She paused and thought—is this ok? Then went on writing, “I dreamed about sharing a home with you someday…and look where we are today.” Folding it neatly, she scribbled the words ‘Onto greener pastures’ on the sheet of paper. She placed it on a desk, next to a plate of fresh greens and sprout salad. The old age home had finally made her dream come true—but it was better late than never.

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