Tale 2 of #FooTraFa with @jugniandco_ @wafflegully @missdolittle_kj at the gorgeous @regencylagoonresort

She was a dreamer. Every time her friends spoke, her mind transported itself into another world. A world full of unicorns and miracles. She was a desi girl with a filmy funda. And as she drove into the driveway, her heart skipped a beat and her mind jolted itself to reality. One look at the timeless checkered tile flooring, the acres of manicured plants and the shimmering, inviting azure pool… and she fell in love, once again. But there was more to this place than just 10 acres of stunning beauty. It was brimming with warmth. A courteous nod and a polite good morning greeted her wherever she went. Her room was nothing less than a royal affair. A plush powder room that extended into a spacious bathroom made her feel like a princess—spoilt and special. And a piping-hot bowl of daal khichdi sat steaming on the table to comfort her with its flavours. She sat on the tranquil verandah looking over the greens devouring the delicacy under the canopy of a starry sky. Was this even real? Walking into the room she said to her friends, “Pinch me. “Is this a dream?” Just then she felt a fluffy pillow land right on her head, “What do you think?” Just then they heard a noise, like a knock on the door. They looked at each other in surprise, wondering who it could be. Fear gripped them as they opened the door to a slit. A flash of blue sped across them and loud screams echoed in the corridors—scrambling back to their senses, they stood shocked to see their visitor. It was a magnificent peacock. Who knew that the knock of reality could be this surreal.

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