Tale 1 of #FooTraFa with Tarksya at Regency Lagoon Resort

The King’s daughter looked into the mirror and then down at her hands. People travelled from far and wide only to catch a glimpse of them. After all, they were fabled to be the most beautiful hands in the entire Kingdom. And they would be given in marriage to the prince who would adorn them with the most beautiful present. Soon after the announcement was made, a list of suitors lined up at the gates. Some bore diamonds others brought jade. And as they presented their precious gifts, the king gave a sigh. Until one day, a knight appeared by the mighty gargoyles. And galloped towards the kingly throne. Sword in one hand and a thin chain of handcrafted semi precious stones in the other. He laid it down for the court to speculate. And then spoke pompously of its make. “My lady is young but the verdant stone will breathe energy into her as she makes her way through life. She’s known for her compassion so the orange rock is sure to fill her heart with a never-ending warmth. I have captured the blue of the oceans to infuse her mind with loyalty, intelligence and stability… just so that she doesn’t need a prince to run a kingdom. Her beautiful hands can rule without being handed over… and that’s my gift to her.”
The court went silent. And the Kingdom saw the reign of their first-ever queen—the one who didn’t wear a crown but a chain of handcrafted semi precious stones that coloured her destiny.

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